Blrt Features

Blrt is filled with features to make remote collaboration as simple and as fast as possible.


Capture everything you want to convey

Blrt allows you to record yourself talking, pointing, and drawing over your media to get your point across.

Record your voice

Capture your voice with your device’s inbuilt microphone as you create a Blrt. Your voice will play back in sync with your drawing, pointing, zooming and page turning gestures.

All the drawing tools you need

Including pencil, circle, rectangle, and line tools for quickly drawing over your media.

Point tool

Use the finger-sized point tool to direct people’s eyes as you talk, without leaving a mark on your media.

Select different colours for each tool

Select from six stark hues to make your drawing stand out from media of any colour, and choose different colours for each tool you use.

Three stroke weights

Thin, medium and heavy stroke weights for all pencil and shape drawing tools.

Undo and redo

Made a mistake in your drawing? It’s now easy to undo or redo your previous actions. Undo and redo actions are recorded in sync with your voice, just like other gestures.

Zoom and pan

Zoom right in to large images or PDFs and get stuck into the minutiae. Every zoom and pan you make is recorded exactly as you made it.

Blrt longer

Blrt Premium users can record Blrts up to 10 minutes long. Blrt Basic users are limited to 2 minutes Blrts but there is no restriction on the number of Blrts created.

Flip pages

You can flip through the pages of your Blrt while recording. This will be played back exactly as you recorded it.

Blrt request

You can initiate a Blrt from your desktop, using ‘Blrt Request’, which allows you to select your files using your web browser via and then send it to yourself or someone else.


Easy to use Media Picker

Individually select media from a variety of sources to be added as pages to a Blrt.

Add images from your gallery

Any images saved on your device can be easily added to a Blrt via the media picker.

Take photos with your camera

Blrt supports adding images directly from your device’s camera.

Use all pages from a PDF

Blrt supports up to 100 page PDFs for Blrt Premium users, or 50 page PDFs for Blrt Basic users. You can easily flip through the pages of a PDF while recording.

Import media from other apps

You can open an image or PDF in Blrt directly from other apps (such as your email app), by selecting the media and ‘Opening in’ Blrt.

Add from Dropbox or other online services

Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive integration means that you can Blrt with images and documents stored anywhere in the cloud.

Add media from the web

Blrt allows you to simply paste a URL to an image or PDF. Blrt will download the media and add it to your Blrt.

Take scrolling webpage captures

Use Blrt’s inbuilt web browser to navigate to a website and capture some, or all of the webpage in a scrolling screenshot to add to your Blrt.

Bare templates provided

Use a template when you want to draw, write and express ideas on a blank page.

Add pages to a Blrt Reply

Users can upload new media to an existing conversation and make a Blrt Reply using that media.

Reorder pages in a Blrt

You can tap and drag pages around on the Media Picker to reorder them, even on Blrt Replies. PDFs added to a Blrt will still show their original page number so you don’t get lost.

Hide or show pages in a Blrt Reply

You can hide certain pages when creating a Blrt Reply. These pages will still be available to show again on later Blrt Replies.


Play back Blrts exactly as they were recorded

Nothing is lost in translation when creating a Blrt. Play back Blrts you receive exactly as the sender recorded them, along with synced audio.

Get everyone on the same page

Blrts, Blrt Replies and comments are threaded in conversations with the people you invite. Get everyone collaborating and sharing their thoughts.

Add people to existing conversations

You don’t have to send a Blrt out to everyone immediately. You can always add people to a conversation later, and they will receive the full history of the conversation.

Add from your contacts

As long as they have an email address, you can easily add people to a conversation right from your device’s contact list.

Add friends from Facebook

Easily add friends from Facebook to Blrt conversations. They will need to also be Blrt users.

Quickly send Blrt Replies

Creating a Blrt Reply using the same media will send extremely quickly, as there is no need to re-upload the media. If you add additional media to your Blrt Reply, only anything new will need to be uploaded.

Get notified whenever there is anything new

Receive push notifications straight to your device whenever you receive a new Blrt, Blrt Reply or comment. Email notifications are customisable.

Copy or email links to Blrts

You can copy, email or SMS a direct link to a Blrt or a Blrt conversation. Note: to open the link you will need to be logged in a user who has access to the conversation.


Familiar mailbox interface

Blrt conversations are listed in a similar way to threaded email conversations or messages in a chat, creating an easy and familiar user experience.

Tag conversations

Create custom tags and reuse them on multiple conversations to easily filter your inbox.

Flag conversations

Ensure you don’t forget to reply to a conversation by flagging it, pinning the conversation to the top of your inbox.

Archive old conversations

Declutter the inbox by sending older conversations to the archive. They will always be available there if you need them again.

Search and filter

Search all conversations in your inbox. The inbox will refresh with search results on the fly. You can also filter results by tags or people.


Cross-device, cross-platform

Blrt is already available on iOS and Android, mobile and tablet devices, with more platforms coming soon.

Lightweight but lossless

Blrt sends PDF files losslessly to your recipients (images have moderate jpeg compression applied), and plays back your talking, drawing and zooming on the client side. This means a video-like experience at around 1/50th the file size.

Download media only once

A huge advantage Blrt has over video is that once the media files for a conversation are downloaded, they don’t need to be downloaded again. Blrt Replies utilising the same media will consequently upload and download lightning fast even on poor mobile connections.

All in the cloud

Everything you do in Blrt is stored securely in the cloud and synced between devices. Even your tags and unread Blrts and comments are synced.

Work offline

Blrt won’t throw a wobbly if you’ve got no internet connection – it will simply cache your work on the device for uploading later.

Blrt API access

Integrate Blrt in your application using our public API. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.


Encrypted communications

All media uploaded to our servers is encrypted, and decrypted only upon reaching your device.


Blrt the Support Team

Got a problem, question, suggestion, or just want to say hi? Send a Blrt to [email protected]. We’ll receive it! We don’t mind plain old email, either.

Knowledge base

Consult our dedicated knowledge base at (also available in-app) for answers to frequently asked questions.

Feedback and support

Send us feedback or a message for support at

We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Priority support channel

Blrt Premium users are in a priority support channel that will always be responded to first.

Blrt tutorials (coming soon)

Watch tutorials on the basics, as well as lesser known but nifty Blrt features, in the app.