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How Blrt works

Blrt is a mobile collaboration app that allows you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and web pages.

To get started, simply fire up Blrt on your smartphone or tablet and select the files you want to Blrt about.

Files can come from your device, cloud locations such as Dropbox, or capture a website with the built-in browser.

Just talk and point

Press record, start talking, pointing, zooming and drawing over your image, document or web page.

Your multi-touch gestures are captured perfectly in sync with your voice, in a video-like recording called a Blrt.

You can also initiate a Blrt conversation from your computer, by selecting files and sending a ‘Blrt Request’.

Better than video and video conferencing

Your voice, gestures and files combine to provide a video-like experience to the person/people you’re Blrting with.

Blrts are scrubbable, so you can forward, rewind and pause like video, but Blrts take up much less bandwidth.

Conversation participants don’t have to be available at the same time to Blrt, and if there's no internet, you can still record a Blrt and send it later.

Your Blrts form cloud conversations

Blrts are exchanged with other people in conversations, a little like email or chat.

You can draw new people into your Blrt conversation at any point in time.

People can be added from your contacts, via Facebook, or just by typing their email address.

Conversations are always easy to find

You can search by keyword, or add tags and flags so you can filter or find.

All your Blrt conversations are stored in the cloud, so they’re always available.

You can access your conversations from any mobile device with Blrt installed.

Your conversations are always synchronised and up-to-date.